Dean Myerow – Kyuss – Welcome To Sky Valley (2014 Reissue)

Welcome To Sky Valley

As far as stoner rock as a genre is concerned I’m not the guy to talk to. When I hear the term “stoner rock” I think of two things instantly – that one Goblin Cock music video where the band is in these reaper outfits on a beach. But I only think of that after I think of WELCOME TO SKY VALLEY by KYUSS. So, again, I’m no authority on the genre, but I know great music when I hear it.

In my far from humble opinion “Sky Valley” deserves a spot on any 90′s top 100 list and it should easily break the top 50 of those list (I don’t usually check lists, but if it isn’t on all of them there’s a problem). Originally released in 1994, Welcome To Sky Valley is Kyuss’s third album and is considered to be their magnum opus by many. I’m quite fond of 1994. Some of my favorite records of all time were released in ‘94. Maybe I’ll make my own list.


Dean Myerow
I am more complex than it appears. I am a Fox News watching Libertarian conservative that deeply values the idea of capitalism, Laissez Faire economics, and strong military. And on the other hand, my favorite book is Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and my favorite music is the Grateful Dead. So reconciling, my conservative values with my counterculture roots is interesting . I enjoy taking long walks on Fort Lauderdale Beach with my Goldendoodles, Otis and Brady, when I am not actively working as a board member at Green Point Research. I am a terrible golfer, who prefers the tennis court any day of the week. I am the lucky father of three teenagers and happily married for over 20 years.

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