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The Allure of Fortnite And Why Are So Many Kids Playing This Video Game

One trend that teenagers and gamers around the world are obsessing over with recently is Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite is a video game originally released in July 2017 by Epic Games.



Fortnite has evolved since its initial release. According to GQ, Fortnite had originally been created as a horde game where teams made up of four players each gather resources to survive in a zombie environment. Gradually, the game has become the video game equivalent of the “Hunger Games” movies or the free (and arguably better) version of the popular PUBG video game.

In summary, the game starts with you and hundreds of other players being released from a plane over an island armed with nothing but a few items. The island is full of resources (arms, protective accessories and other useful items) and the players’ duty is to eliminate one another until there is one player remaining.

This may sound much like other games which have come before Fortnite. However, it has been reported to have been downloaded over 40 million times on multiple platforms and has been played by up to 3.5 million concurrent players. It is no surprise that it is among the top 5 best selling games of all time.

So why are kids so obsessed with the Fortnite? A lot of gamers have shared their experiences in a number of online forums and communities. The reasons can be broken down into two major sectors: socio-economic and emotional:


  1. It is Free!: Unlike its popular rival, PUBG, Fornite Battle Royale can be downloaded and played free of charge.
  1. It’s Not Bloody: The creators of the game made it less bloody than other battle video games by making it a bit more cartoon-like. Thus, families who are disturbed by the realistically violent nature of other battle games have a more tame alternative.
  1. It Has A “Cult” Appeal: From interesting dance moves to offbeat jokes, the creators have made it easy for gamers to follow along.
  1. It Is Easy For Friends To Squad Up: If you are not fond of playing alone, you would love to play Fortnite. You can easily enjoy playing along with your friends.


  1. It’s just FUN: Most players of Fortnite agree that the game can be quite addicting.
  1. It Induces Adrenaline, Like In A Lottery: While playing the game, you can chance upon a loot treasure chest which may include a variety of items which are usable in the game. The excitement of expecting and opening a loot chest is somewhat similar to playing a lottery ticket.
  1. It Requires Quick Thinking: You are literally “thrown” into the game with little time to choose your avatar or prepare a strategy. Your mission is to survive at all costs.
  1. It Has Low Stakes: Aside from the fact that you may get a bruised ego from being eliminated, you may restart the game as many times as possible. This builds one’s hope for performing better in your next game.

There are a million reasons why kids have raved over this game. There are some ways you can control the length of time your child spends playing Fortnite.

  1. On XBox or PlayStation: You can set parental controls to either limit length of play of totally “ban” the game.
  2. On a PC or Mobile Device: Manually implementing a login PIN to unlock the game or setting timers or alarms for the game can help.


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