My Favorite French Pastry Place

Dean’s Rating: My Favorite French Pastry Spot – Dean Myerow When you step into this pastry shop you really get a sense that these a folks who take baking seriously.The breads and the pastries are so nicely prepared. Treat yourself to some of the wines and cheeses that they sell and camp out on the patio in front of the…

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Math Proficiency

How American Primary Education Has Fallen Behind Other Countries Worldwide

American primary education was once hailed among the best in the world. Unfortunately, it appears that America is gradually falling behind, and if much attention is not given to education (especially primary education), future generations will suffer greatly from this neglect. On the surface, it appears that young students in America fare well according to the Trends in International Mathematics…

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Dean Myerow

What Is “The Gig Economy”?

In case you are still not aware, we are in the “gig economy”. In this “economy”, self-employed or independent contractors get hired for short-term tasks or jobs popularly known as “gigs” – hence the term gig economy. Working as a freelancer is not something new. It has been around for a long time. However, it is been popularized greatly in…

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Featured / Press

28 Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property

I have recently been featured on wher they asked for tips for buying your first rental property. Here is my published response: 22. Have Property Inspections Performed Dean Myerow, Bond Professional, Las Olas Wealth Management Have a professional perform a radon gas check if you are buying in a part of the country that traditionally might have radon coming…

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